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I'm your garden variety artsy-craftsy children's book illustrator.


Hi there! I am Jenny B, aka Jenny Beck, aka Jennifer Beck Harris, illustrator and lover of all things kid-like.

I was born in a castle (as my parents called it) in Chicago, Illinois... four rooms one on top of the other with steps winding around and around. I knew when I was two that I wanted to be an artist, filling sheets of looseleaf with drawings, dabs and doodles.

I grew up in Corpus Christi, sparkling city by the sea on the coast of southern Texas, where I learned to love the power of vivid color in the bright, clear coastal sunshine. My early passions were theater (designing sets and performing) and special education (volunteering with visually impaired children), but in the end, art won out and I graduated from UT Austin with a BFA.

Along with creating illustration-type stuff, I love all sorts of crafting, especially sewing, cooking (and eating!), blogging, exploring and of course having fun!