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September 16, 2009


Fantastic 'witchy' things!

Nina x

ps. It looks like a boy to me.

I LOVE it all!!!! I just love Halloween and also anything "Owlish!!"

yaaay!! I love halloween!! and love all the stuff you found!!!

How fun! Beautiful projects all around. This is exciting!
Have a great day.

Oh! I love all of these! Thank you so much for posting all of them Jenny, so inspiring and fun!

What a great idea and such fun! I'll pop over and see all the devilishly delightful eye candy. Thanks for sharing!
~ Iva

Full of wonderful ideas...Loved the white hat!!!
Can't wait to see what you share next.

Hi there,
I am just loving your Halloween site! My daughters and I love Halloween and are constantly reading and rereading our collection of Halloween craft magazines as of late. I can't wait to show them your site so they can enjoy it as well!

Lots of pretty pictures!! Love the new blog!! :)

~ Wendy

What fun!

Love the pictures. I need that cat by Tabitha. :) Lynn

Jenny, There is a definite need for this blog group in my life! I am up to my neck in "cute" and find I need relief. What a perfectly perfect place with words that I would never otherwise use, "hauntress", and images that don't contain a single shade of pink or aqua! It feels a little strange, but I'm liking it! Yeah for Owlsorts! E

If all the eye candy wasn't enough... your title did me in! Too cute, all of it!

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