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September 08, 2009


love the new site, I love halloween

I miss those days too. Sigh.

Cute! I'm visiting from your Allsorts blog and LOVE this one Parents magazine has some really cute costume ideas this year too!

I love what you are doing here...with Owlsorts! Can't wait to see more!

I love the vintage-y looking Halloween ideas!

I would love to see your kiddo's costumes... Kitchen Sink, A Picnic?? I am dying to know how these turned out!

Oh, I so miss those fun times, too. My five kids are they celebrate their own 'styles'. I have kept all of their handmade costumes & hope their children will enjoy them. Our town had a HUGE nighttime Halloween Parade. Small towns all across Pennsylvania celebrate the end of harvest with a LOT of FUN! Our oldest - a daughter & her husband get over 200 kids at the home (in this same town) for trick or treat night!

Jenny, you are simply fabulous!, I adore your blog. In Chile we do celebrate Halloween and it is a nice thing to do

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