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September 13, 2009


Fabulous! Love the new blog!!! :-)

It looks great
I wish we celebrated Halloween here....

i {heart} Halloween! What a great idea! And it looks fabulous! Can't wait to come back and visit.

This is amazing. Halloween isn't sucha big thing here but it is great to see any reason (excuse) to do something which is a bit of fun!

I just made my husband drag the bins of Halloween decorations and linens to the front of the dreaded under-stairway closet. I'm itching to put stuff up today, but since it's still supposed to be close to 90 degrees all week, I think I'll make myself wait until the official first day of Fall. But then I'm going all out!

Love your background, by the way!

I love the site! Lots of fun. I love the vintage Halloween stuff. Lynn

Halloweeeeeeeen! I'm with ya, girlie. A Halloween blog is a wonderful idea. You could do it all year long and that would be fine with me. And so far, things are looking good. (P.S. September is not too early to start thinking about it.)

So fun! I was just bitten by the Halloween bug as well--I'm excited to see what you have in store! Such a cute spinoff blog name too :)

Bliss my friend, pure bliss!

I just love your new blog spinoff - and that name - just too clever! I just purchased some Halloween costume materials and pretty soon I'll announce my second annual Halloween contest. Hope you all check in for that!


Love it! Too cute :)

Boo ...

Oh how cute are you???

What fun! Thanks for getting me all scared and excited for the creepiest day of the year!

So cute. Love the name and the banner. Can't wait to see whats next.

This is so fun!!! It is still 100 degrees here, but I have started my Halloween decorating! I will be back often!

I like this new blog! I will be sure to check back here for some Halloween inspiration!

You'll know I'll be checking in often! Bring on the orange and black!!! WooHoo

Love the new blog, such great ideas!

Love this new blog, and I still love your other one too! I just finished the advent squares that you blogged about a long time ago. I got an early start this year and forced myself to make them now. I can't wait to see what you do on here, you have great ideas!

Oh how fun, the Zombie sent me over. I am off work today and have dragged out the first fall bin and am having fun decorating the house with everyone else gone for the day. Can't wait to see what you come up with to inspire us all!

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