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October 25, 2009


LOVE both your mantles! Spooky perfection! I dream of a mantle all my own someday, but for now I have a trunk :)

These last two posts are completely incredible! I've just stared and stared at them. I can't believe you found that amazing picture of your GGG and her sister. And the Tulle is such a great touch.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Jenny, my son and fiance are getting married in just a week... on Halloween!!! My goodness you are the mother-in-law they should be getting. My mantra has been, "Nothing scary!" Your stunning creative efforts have inspired me to rethink my mantle of fresh fall flowers! Happy Haunting to you! Elizabeth

Oh Jenny! Your mantel is so wonderful ... and spooky! How great is that photo! I have a bunch of old portraits but nothing so grand. You've got me all inspired to go a-hunting! And to run out and snap up some cheesecloth and tulle!!

this decor is A.mazing!! Love it!!

WOW! I am totally blown away. It looks AMAZING! You created some really fabulous ambiance here. I'll be linking to this.

oh my gosh! this is amazing!!!

Jenny, you are a gal after my own heart! Yes! I will walk into your parlor! I can't imagine the face of trick or treaters that will ring your bell.

You are easily the "Queen of Halloween" - your decorating is truly amazing. Halloween is my favorite holiday (my b'day - so except for that getting older part...) I've loved looking at your photos. I decorate a little bit, but nothing like you. Your's is wonderful!!!

Spooky mantel! Very very nice. Lynn

Your mantels are spooktacular!!!
Seriously--I'm impressed!
And the tulle thing; you are so right--I was just at the Goodwill today and noticed they took some ball shaped paper lanterns and wrapped them in tulle and they looked very creepy indeed.

What a great site. You left a comment at and thank-you for that. I thought that I would stop by and check your site out. You have such restraint in your displays!

Love those windmills from an earlier posting.

Did you know that when you press the button on the scroll bar to return to the top or bottom of the page that the sides do a wonderful optical illusion? The black and grey diamonds whiz by and the tiny punched zigzag edge moves everso slowly. Try it. I did quite a few times!

I found your blog thru someone else..kittykill.. I have really enjoyed your decorations.. this is my first year decorating for halloween and I have so many ideas for next year! It was a real treat checking out your blog :-)

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