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October 09, 2009


My turn to swoon (and thuded my self too). Swooning spooky style! Oh Jenny... it's so cute I can't stand it!
Cute + Spooky + Boo... cuspooboo! Gezundteit!

And I read this entire post in spooky witch voice - and now it's stuck. Thanks, Jenny. My pretty.

Thanks :)

Love Owlsorts AND these cute pinwheels.

FABULOUS. My 3 year old is going to spin! :)

Thank You! Spookalicious!

These are devilishly delightful, so darling! Thank you so much for sharing them with us Jenny!

Super Cute! I love the spider web one. I'll be linking to this. Great stuff, Thanks:-)

this is so cool thank you for sharing it

LOVE your spinners, they're darling!
Thanks so much for the tutorial!
I am going to post a link to this on our Joli Paquet blog if that is ok with you? I think our readers would adore this tutorial as well!
Cerri xo

Thanks for the patterns, these are so unique!!

Carmen L.

These are so amazing! I'll have to find a crafty friend to sweet talk into making me a set of these!

Hi there,
Oh, the fun I've had looking through your past posts. All amazing. Thanks for all you share!! And these pinwheels here...SO ADORABLE!!!
Thanks for stopping by yesterday.

One of the best Halloween craft projects I've seen this year! Going to link to this entry in my blog.

these are adorable!

The tutorial is fabulous and I just love those spinners. Thank you... for all your hard work and sharing your craft!!

Oh these are so cute. Thanks for sharing!

You are creative, generous, thoughtful, and kind. Thanks so much for sharing. I can't wait to try every one of them.

I just bought a bunch of Halloween pencils. Planning on making a bunch to give out to trick-or-treaters. Going to try making these so that kids can remove the spinner later and use the pencil. Maybe some stiff wire twisted aroound the pencil instead of a nail?

Thanks so much! These are awesome, I'm picturing them made large enough to lawn ornaments as well!

These are so cute!!!

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